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Recent comments

Mark Hancock, 2021-01-22 17:24:37

Number: 07845 595949

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

Call from National Crime Agency threatening arrest.

Emmy, 2021-01-22 17:17:07

Number: 01482 852551

Call type: Scam

Rating: 0

They say amazon is going to charge me £79. Scam Four calls in a week on my private phone.

Adrian Miller, 2021-01-22 17:10:50

Number: 07933 515998

Call type: Scam

Rating: 0

Robot call. "Stay inside."

Nicola Walker, 2021-01-22 17:02:42

Number: 07933 806068

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -5

This number phoned me saying this is a test, please stay indoors and stay inside. Not very good when I’m watching a film called Songbird about the virus

000, 2021-01-22 17:00:27

Number: 07470 933898

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -1

Called but hangs up everytime called back. Talking about national insurance fraud

JK, 2021-01-22 16:56:40

Number: 07877 676772

Call type: Unknown

Rating: 0

It said it was National Insurance and I quickly hung up.

HJ, 2021-01-22 16:50:28

Number: 07983 919097

Call type: Unknown

Rating: 0

Had a text saying it was from HSBC and that I had added a recipient; Mr C Jones and if it was not me to follow the link.

I have no personal HSBC accounts though I am named officer on a charity account held at HSBC

Dar, 2021-01-22 16:50:04

Number: 07440 010228

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

HMRC Scam. Also repoted to HMRC

G, 2021-01-22 16:44:32

Number: 07934 895287

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

Pretty sure it’s a scam. Telling me my NI number has been used for illegal activities and to press a number to speak to an officer before i get arrested lol

Mick, 2021-01-22 16:41:58

Number: 07983 919097

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

Said they were from HSBC and just added a new payee to account, requesting if it was not added to select an attached link

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