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Area Code: 01931

Ceremonial county: Cumbria

Local number length: 6

Number format: 01931 xxxxxx

International number format: +44 1931 xxxxxx

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Recent comments

Unknown, 2020-12-04 11:10:37

Number: 07916 309943

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -3

Rang whilst I was at work. Called it back but the number was not recognised

Ray, 2020-12-04 10:56:27

Number: 0117 9624592

Call type: Unknown

Rating: 0

By the time I got to the phone it had gone to the answering machine and rang off.

George, 2020-12-04 10:39:08

Number: 07722 505820

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

Scam. Claimed that my NI number has been used in a number of dodgy deals and would be suspended. Press 1 to speak to someone before this happens.

ATN, 2020-12-04 05:19:58

Number: 07537 452583

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -2

Google chat codes

ATN, 2020-12-04 05:16:59

Number: 07537 452582

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -2

Google chat codes

Boby, 2020-12-04 02:51:20

Number: 07706 435717

Call type: Positive

Rating: 5

If u find this call me

terry smith, 2020-12-04 00:15:38

Number: 0845 0525742

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

excessive call charges

Nonce, 2020-12-04 00:05:25

Number: 07594 818939

Call type: Harassment

Rating: -5

This number belongs to a pedo

Yohana mashauri, 2020-12-03 21:53:11

Number: 020 39449959

Call type: Telemarket

Rating: 5

Yes, the number missed a call on me today in the afternoon. I am in Tanzania and my phone number is +255769418646. Please help me to get in touch with them, I think it must have been an important call. I am regretting to staying a little bit far from my phone.

Imtiaz, 2020-12-03 21:29:30

Number: 0115 8882272

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

Scamster beaware

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