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Area Code: 01276

Ceremonial county: Surrey

Local number length: 6

Number format: 01276 xxxxxx or 01276 xxxxx

International number format: +44 1276 xxxxxx or +44 1276 xxxxx


  • 5-digit numbers: from 20000 till 29999;
  • 5-digit numbers: from 31000 till 38999;
  • 5-digit numbers: from 61000 till 66999;

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Recent comments

Laurens, 2022-05-24 17:29:53

Number: 07517 808086

Call type: Scam

Rating: -3

Miss Novak, did not told me her intentions why she was calling to a strange nr. my grandma was verry scared she does not speak english. the caller kept on asking questions

Lewis, 2022-05-24 17:28:07

Number: 07488 872285

Call type: Spam

Rating: -5

Constant calls from the same number except the last 1-2 digits change. Answered but no reply. No voicemail has ever been left.

PETE, 2022-05-24 17:10:19

Number: 07414 220084

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

A woman send you a message texting you that her secretary sent her a wrong number. It's a scam i think. She wants to be friend with you, she said she works for KPMG in France. Of course when you ask her questions. Her answer are completely crazy.

alan, 2022-05-24 16:25:29

Number: 07706 202955

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

scam call saying they're from amazon prime

False Charge Scam, 2022-05-24 16:18:40

Number: 07974 726979

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

False Charge Flagging Call to transfer to agent

Andrew, 2022-05-24 15:01:33

Number: 07441 425687

Call type: Positive

Rating: 0

Solar panel installation company

Roland J, 2022-05-24 14:59:03

Number: 0131 6691444

Call type: Debt collector

Rating: -5

Call but don´t answer

Bank Account Hack Claim, 2022-05-24 13:59:37

Number: 07919 244342

Call type: Scam

Rating: -4

The female computer generated voice said that a bank account had made an unauthorised payment of £600 and said to press #1 on phone keypad for further information.

Алекс, 2022-05-24 13:43:51

Number: 07938 443401

Call type: Неизвестный

Rating: 0

Tesla X так говорит на самом деле я не знаю кто это!

Shirley J, 2022-05-24 13:18:14

Number: 01822 851494

Call type: Telemarket

Rating: -2

Wanted to ask me 4 life style questions

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